considering the UK market

Want a presence but need to know more, we can support your decision for market entry.


  • Market research
  • Benchmarking
  • Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Consumer Behaviour Insights
  • Customized Market Entry Strategies and soft-landing programmes
  • Networking and Partnership Facilitation


  • Lead generation & pipeline development - channel creator
  • Sales team strategy and execution
  • Partner development
  • Digital growth
  • Market representation
  • Sales finalisation and account management
  • Growth & Cost reduction strategies

Are you a software company looking at an alternative means of entering the UK market?

Software companies today face two major challenges, the first being the sheer number of competitors in every market space promoting a similar concept. With the cost of development coming down all the time, in the resulting race the focus needs to be on sales and execution.

This brings us to the second challenge: how to outmanoeuvre your competition by entering new markets more quickly and effectively.

We have a partner which will act as a local sales office for B2B SaaS and software companies, delivers UK & European sales acceleration and rapid ROI, providing clients with exactly what they need to set up, break into and expand within the UK and European market.

This approach ensures:

  • high speed roll-out of a fully equipped
  • regional business development and sales team, with access to local presence, knowledge and trusted consultants for the fastest possible speed to market.
  • market-specific strategy to identify immediate opportunities, rapid engagement through direct sales and an established channel ecosystem to drive revenues in the long-term

Our partner offers our clients two approaches: Do it for you or they do it with you, allowing you to outsource your entire sales operation to their experienced team, or simply integrate the required elements of their services into your existing operation.

If you’re looking for a flexible, low-risk, mature and professional way to break into the UK market then they are the partner for you.

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