Sales - enhance onboarding & reduce churn

17 October 2023

A London based tech business faced the challenge of clients not renewing their contracts. Our consultant was engaged to analyse the churn rate and it was required develop an onboarding department to ensure value was delivered to clients. The goal was to decrease churn and enhance customer satisfaction within the initial 3
month period.

Engagement Process

Creation of an onboarding department with the responsibility to identify critical areas and core values for delivery.

Defining expectations and interaction points: establishing a successful onboarding process, mapping of customer interactions, and devised effective communication.

Sales handover and pre-kickoff plan: defined triggers for smooth handover and developed a pre kickoff plan.

Training and alignment: creation of tailored materials, aligning with core values and setting measurable KPIs.


Target operational model (TOM) for Solutions Consulting department and how it sits within the sales cycle/customer journey and organisation

Training materials and training of 2 FTEs in the department

Roadmap templates for 3 to 12 months to drive clear value for customers ensuring streamlined, successful customer experience

The project successfully reduced churn through effective onboarding.
Clear expectations, streamlined interactions, improved handover, and comprehensive training materials contributed to enhanced satisfaction among customers and easier operations for the company.
There is an ongoing commitment with our consultant in more work related to challenges during the sales cycle.

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