Go to market strategy

2 October 2023

8 companies from the Latin American region were exploring their options either to enter the UK market, or further expansion with sales or fundraising possibilities. The purpose of the project was to give feedback and recommendations related to their Go To Market strategy, sales approach and activities in the UK, fundraising and give feedback on sales pitches.

Engagement Process - our consultant engaged with each company to clarify questions regarding the scope and purpose of the project.

Assessment of strategy and perception was outlined based on the material shared prior to the feedback meeting, a thorough analysis of their Go To Market strategy and fundraising pitch deck was conducted. We assessed their company's perception and identified areas for improvement.

Feedback meeting - we scheduled a 1 hour feedback meeting to provide comprehensive recommendations, tips, and answer any questions related to entering the UK market. During the meeting, we discussed various aspects, including their go to market strategy, sales approach, sales pitch, and fundraising pitch. Our team shared insights, highlighted potential challenges, and suggested adjustments to maximize their chances of success.

Outcome - a more refined Go To Market strategy and actionable recommendations for the companies to entry into the European/ UK market. These efforts set them on the path to a successful expansion and enabled them to make informed decisions moving forward.

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