Svend Littauer

Svend Littauer

Founder & MD

From tech unicorns to family owned businesses, Svend has spent the last two decades playing a key role in growing businesses by offering support services to entrepreneurs with global ambitions. He founded entreprenör in 2017, with the aim of extending his expertise to collaborations across continents, through connecting like-minded people whose drive and passion create value beyond pure professional service delivery.

As Svend says, “One of my favourite proverbs is If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others". This sums up our ethos, since our aim is to be our clients’ ‘expansion’ partners in their global business endeavours. Our services create a solid foundation on which they are able to build their successes. By creating a close personal relationship, we not only engender a positive growth environment, but we have fun along the way.”

Born in South Africa to a family with German and Nordic roots, Svend has truly experienced cultural diversity in his formative years. This rich and colourful heritage has proved invaluable when advising clients on the subtle nuances of entering a new market. Svend’s sensitivity to diverse cultures, allows him to create effective solutions under even the most challenging circumstances, while keeping a pragmatic approach.

With an educational background in Law and Economics, Svend Littauer has worked across many sectors, giving him not only a diverse portfolio of experiences in multiple countries, but the agility and tenacity to nurture a project from the ideation stage to a profitable business.

When not travelling for work, or finding ways of improving his skill set, Svend likes to keep his relationships to his friends and family strong. With friends and family in most countries where he conducts business, creating a life/work balance becomes very pleasurable. Svend speaks English, Danish, German and Afrikaans – with plans to learn Spanish.

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