Mandy Webster

Mandy Webster


Mandy is a lawyer with an in-house career spanning 15 years in the corporate world which developed an understanding of how businesses work and many of the key tasks in compliance, marketing, HR, facilities management, tax and finance and administration so clients don’t need to educate or explain these business operations and can rely on a good level of knowledge about routine business activities.

Experience as a compliance officer in financial service gave Mandy an understanding of how to demonstrate compliance for Accountability. Mandy’s legal background means that clients can rely on her interpretation and application of data protection law.

Mandy is author of several law books on data protection. The latest one “Effective Data Protection” published by the ICSA in 2011 highlights key approaches to data protection that pre-echo GDPR such as risk management and Accountability illustrating that Data Protection Consulting is in tune with developments in the world of data protection. Other books focused on specific sectors such as “Data Protection for the HR Manager” and “Data Protection in the Financial Services Industry” published by Gower demonstrating a good practical grasp of how data protection impacts on these areas.

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